Pros and Cons of Personal Loans

Personal loans as a commodity possess the following features which can be classified as benefits and drawbacks of personal loans


Possesses flexibility and versatility.
Has Lower interest rates and higher borrowing limits.
No collateral requirement.
Easier to manage as compared to other loans.

Fees and penalties can be high.
Interest rates can be higher than alternatives.
Higher payments than credit cards.
Can cause an increase in debt.

All the above-stated features are inherent in every personal loan no matter its use. Modern times have brought about a change, personal loan apply online has become a trend in developed cities as well as some developing rural areas.

In India, the banking and finance industry does not operate as in world-leading nations. Our economical structure is referred to as a mixed economy in which the market witnesses an active contribution from public as well as private undertakings.

Some examples of these are:

Public sector banks:-

State bank of India
Punjab National bank
Bank of Baroda
Bank of Maharashtra
Oriental Bank of Commerce, etc.
Private sector banks:-

HDFC bank
ICICI bank
Axis bank
Kotak Mahindra bank
Yes bank, etc.
After the mergers in public sector banks in 2020, The oriental bank personal loan is now the same as that offered by PNB

The offered rates to various customers such as Salaried, Self-employed, Pensioners are 9.95% p.a. to 14.50% p.a.
Processing Fee Up to1.8% of the loan quantity
Loan Tenure Up to eighty-four months
Loan Amount Up to Rs.15 lakh
Salary/Income As per the terms and conditions set down by the bank Employment Status Salaried/Self-Employed/Retired employees/Doctors Credit Score 750
Personal Loan Schemes:

Personal Loan Scheme Best For Interest RatePersonal loan theme for public {governmental jobs} salaried individuals 11.50% to 14.50%
Personal loan for doctors Doctors 9.95% forwards
Personal loan for pensioners Retired individuals 10.75% forwards

1. Consumer loan theme for the Public:

Any salaried individual will avail this consumer loan theme to require care of their numerous desires like fulfilling their children’s education, repairing of house, taking a vacation, wedding of self or your kids, etc.
Any salaried individual World Health Organization has worked for a central or regime body, university, autonomous body, etc. will apply for this consumer loan theme.
The reimbursement amount is one year to five years.
The minimum loan quantity that you simply will avail of underneath this theme is Rs.50,000. the utmost loan quantity will vary between Rs.4 large integer and Rs.10 large integer betting on your occupation, annual wage, and also the terms and conditions set down by the bank.

2. Consumer loan theme for Doctors:

Doctors with wages of Rs.5 large integer and higher than, and World Health Organization have paid taxes for 2 years square measure eligible for this consumer loan theme.
The minimum loan quantity a doctor will avail is Rs.2 large integer and also the most loan quantity that he/she will avail is Rs.15 lakh.
Repayment tenure will vary from one year to seven years.
A doctor will avail this consumer loan to satisfy each his/her personal and skilled desires.

3. Consumer loan theme for Pensioners:

This consumer loan theme is availed by those that have retired from their jobs and maybe a client of PNB.
The minimum loan quantity that one will avail is Rs.25,000. the utmost loan quantity which will be availed underneath this consumer loan theme is Rs.10 large integer betting on the age of the pensionary.
Repayment tenure will vary between one year to five years. Just in case the pensionary is higher than the age of seventy-five years, the reimbursement tenure is a pair of years.
The purpose of availing this consumer loan is to permit the pensionary to require care of their personal desires together with the medical expenses.

What Control Features Work Best For a Point of Sale System?

A point of sale or POS system can be ideal for your business, especially when you’re aiming to collect credit card payments. There are a few things to look for when getting your POS setup ready.

Can You Manage Your Inventory?

Be sure your online credit card processing setup features an inventory management module. You can review trends in your marketplace and keep tabs on how many items you have left in your store. You can automate your reorder points with some POS setups.

How Many Users?

You might have many employees at your business that will all use the same online credit card processing program. A POS setup should provide support for as many employees as necessary.

Loyalty Support

Customer loyalty programs will encourage people to spend more and to return often. Your point of sale system should include support for loyalty programs, plus it should have parameters for how it will issue rewards to your customers.

Support For Many Payments

POS layouts should support multiple payment options, including EBT payments. EBT merchant services can be essential when you’re trying to support low-income customers.

A POS setup can also support physical checks and gift cards. Anything that can read barcodes or paper features can always help.

Data Collection Is Critical

You’ll need to gather information on your customers to gauge their spending habits and to plan new marketing efforts. A POS system can include an email address collection feature to help you regularly reach whatever customers want to learn more about what you offer. But your point or sale plans should entail voluntary email offerings, as forcing people to provide email addresses might be seen as rough.

Your point of sale layout goes well beyond online credit card processing. Watch for what you’re using with your system when finding a smart solution.

How to Trade Commodities Online

Commodities are an indispensable part of our lives. From the food, we consume to the oil we utilize in our vehicles. But, have you ever thought about trading these basic commodities in the market? Yes, the Commodity market is one of the largest markets across the globe. It excels the list when it comes to assets that can make you rich or double your profit. But, the majority of you do not know how to trade commodities online.

In this article, we will explain each point in detail. We will wrap up the article by providing you the top broker’s names who can push you towards success and boost your trading standards. Before reaching this point, we must look into the definition of a commodity and what commodity trading refers to?

What are commodities?

A commodity refers to raw material or everyday items which is used for generating more complex items. One can see commodities as building blocks of the economy. Examples include sugar, gold, oil, copper, etc. The major factor differentiating goods from the commodity is that latter has interchangeability and is standardized in nature. It reflects two equal units of the similar commodity will be identical irrespective of the place they were produced. For instance, one ounce of silver mined in Australia will be equivalent to one ounce of silver mined in Brazil.

What is commodity trading?

Traders or people have been trading commodities for thousands of years. The only difference between modern commodity trading and conventional commodities trading is that people traded them physically in the past. Currently, trading occurs with the broker such as T1markets, HFTrading, etc. or on an exchange such as Chicago Mercantile Exchange or London Metal Exchange. To trade commodities online, you require an online trading account and ultra-modern trading platform that paves the way for the market and assets.

T1market is an authentic broker regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Trading with the broker is safe and simple. It provides globally accepted MetaTrader 4, which has several advantages. These include more than 350 assets, a customized trading environment, multiple time frames, regular price alerts, latest market news, more than 60 analytical tools, lightning-fast speed, and trading on one click.

Reasons to trade commodities online

You must be wondering why traders are so interested in trading commodities online? What makes commodities a good investment? The answer lies in the following advantages listed below:

1) Short selling commodities

As commodities are traded online via CFDs, traders have the right to sell them instead of just purchasing them. It means that the value does not require to surge for traders to make gains. Moreover, unlike the stock market in the commodity market, there is no uptick rule.

2) High returns on investment and high liquidity

There are some goods, such as oil, gold which are relatively more volatile in comparison to others as numerous factors guide their prices. These factors include the economy’s political conditions, financial status, climate, demand and supply of the commodity, and price variation due to new export and import rules or policies. Just because of these reasons, commodities can take short-term trading positions and can be very attractive.

3) Suitable for diversifying your trading portfolio

Diversification of a trading portfolio is essential in trade. It is very well said that never keep all eggs in the same bucket. Diversifications mitigate the risk involved with trades. Commodities are an excellent way to diversify a portfolio. For instance, if you have spent on indices and stocks, analysts will always recommend adding any commodity (as per your wish) to your trading portfolio and trading them concurrently. It will help you when the stock market crashes suddenly or indices fall in value.

4) Safe investment tool

Whenever financial market price goes down, analysts advise people to invest in commodities as they are considered a safe investment tool at the time of sudden shock. The demand for essential items such as gold, oil, and corn always remains high. Trading commodity futures have shown tremendous results at the time of economic slowdown and market crash.

How to trade commodities online?

1) Opt for an online trading account: You require to open an online trading account to start trading. If you are a neophyte, you can opt for a demo trading account to practice trade with virtual cash for a limited time.

2) Choose a financial market and asset for trading: Firstly, choose the commodity market option and then select the asset you wish to trade CFDs or spread bet on.

3) Choose to sell or buy commodities: If you think that prices are supposed to surge in the future, go long on your trade. On the other hand, if you think that price is supposed to decline, you may choose to go short on position.

4) Enter a trade size: Choose how many CFDs or units you wish to trade or decide the spread betting or the amount per point movement. Keep in mind that in CFD trading, a single trade value can change based on the financial tool you have selected to trade.

5) Apply risk management: Financial risks are inevitable. They can land you in several problems, or you can even lose entire capital if not taken care of. Thus, including risk management strategies in your plan is essential.

6) Monitor your trade: Once you have placed a trade, it requires continuous monitoring if you are day trading commodities. You must do this delicately as losses can even exceed your available balance or deposit.

7) Close the trading position: If you have set the stop-loss order, the trade will automatically close when the price reaches the set level. However, if you are trading without a stop-loss order, you need to do this when the price falls manually.

Top brokers to trade commodities online

Some trusted and top brokerage firm offering exceptional service at affordable fee include:

1) HFTrading

2) T1markets

3) PrimeFin

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for the right opportunity in the financial market or a reward-generating instrument, you can choose to trade commodities online. It is one of the excellent methods to earn massive amounts from financial market trading. For this, you require a little bit of homework before entering the market.

Frequently asked questions

1) What is a commodity?

A commodity refers to raw material or everyday items which is used for generating more complex items. One can see commodities as building blocks of the economy. Examples include sugar, gold, oil, copper, etc.

2) What are the channels to trade commodities?

You can trade commodities with a broker such as T1markets or with an exchange. But, a larger number of traders prefer trading with a reliable and trusted broker over exchanges.

3) What are the advantages of trading commodities?

The advantages of commodity trading, including short selling, provide high returns over investments, highly liquid, suitable for diversifying the trading portfolio, considered the safest instrument at times of economic slows down or market crash.

Benefits of Procurement Consulting Services

The challenges businesses face when dealing with procurement processes, can seem insurmountable. Especially when requirements can vary greatly, from a rigorous application process to a more lenient, easy going bidding approach. If your company is not familiar with methods of obtaining goods or services, it is easy to get lost in the abundance of options. This is particularly true of procurement dealing with governmental services and products of large companies. The administration process can be simplified with the support of a smaller consulting organization.

This is where procurement consulting services can be of great use. Procurement specialists are usually economic experts or have specialized knowledge of specific procurement areas. These professionals will help your company determine the best course of action to take in regard to the particular products or services being acquired. In addition, they will provide invaluable advice on how to participate in the procurement process.

A fee is typically in place when receiving procurement consulting, however, it is well worth the cost, particularly when a company does not have in-house specialists. The consulting service professionals you hire will not only assist in the arduous procurement process, but predict market trends and study current market conditions. This type of knowledge will place your business in a better position when products or services of a similar nature will are procured in the future.

Procurement consulting services are beneficial. Despite the fee, these consultants will save you money by determining the best way to cut costs and pursue profitable agreements. This advice and direction is priceless to companies that rely on these contracts for their survival.

Perhaps the most important component of working with these businesses is that they take the stress off of your existing staff. To ensure that your employees don’t take on an even more burdensome workload, consider hiring a company to assist with your procurement consulting needs.

Three Reasons to Become an Eco-Consultant

Most of the time we misunderstand with the job profile of an eco-consultant. Normally people have a notion that people in this field are just here to make money by only giving a lecture. By having these misunderstandings, many people do not think seriously of it as a career option. Initially an eco-consultant spends the majority of their time explaining to people what exactly they do. So, it becomes very important that one should carry a brief brochure or newsletter along with them wherever they go.

With people being skeptical of the eco-consulting business, will you have hard time determining the pricing of your eco certification business? Surely this is one of the highest paid jobs, but a person needs to very active and enthusiastic in their profession. As an eco-consultant you will be guiding businesses about the different green practices, assessing their points and finally award them with the certification. One major difference is that eco-product certification is not there for the sell, but needs to be earned, no matter how big the organization is.

Now we will be discussing three major reasons why any person should aspire to be an eco-consultant:

1. Noble Job:
Besides the money, becoming an eco-consultant will allow you the inner satisfaction of knowing that you are helping mankind from the dangers of global warming and reducing carbon footprints for a healthier world. For many people, job satisfaction is more important that salary. If you are this kind of person, this career is for you.

2. Money Involved:

As of today there are hardly any experienced eco-professionals in the industry, making it a high paying job. Those who want to explore a new arena in the job market and want to shift their current careers can think about this as a good choice. Considering the big volume of this industry, demand for eco-professionals is going to increase in the coming years

3. Learn it online:

Now you may ask where can I learn how to become an eco-consultant? There are plenty of online colleges that offer courses ranging from few weeks to few months online. This is really a great opportunity for those who are currently studying can continue with their studies and they can still complete the course without having to relocate.

This profession is a long lasting career as this service can be offered to schools, hospitals, NGO’s and corporations.

There are enormous options for the business growth of an eco-consultant. It is not necessary that only students will be eligible for this career, rather anyone who thinks himself as a socially responsible person can get trained and start this business. There are plenty of stay at home moms who are undergoing this training and getting prepared for this noble job.

It is actually beneficial to charge your services hourly instead of by job basis. It is true that more money can be made by charging ‘per assignment’ instead of hourly rate. If you can build an individual website of your business it will be beneficial in the long run, building your credentials and for marketing purposes. So go ahead and join this career for helping people staying green, and living green, each day, everyday.

Colour Consultants – What They Can Do For You

Colour is one of the key elements that determine whether clothes will flatter or detract from us. Generally we are attracted to the quality of colour that harmonises, balances and complements our own colouring. However, fashion, friend’s advice, availability, budget constraints and a lack of time all conspire against us; we ignore our own innate good sense.

Colour consultants can save you a fortune!

Most of us will plead guilty to wearing the same garments time and time again, while dozens of outfits are stuffed in our wardrobes and drawers rarely seeing the light of day. Our favourite clothes are often neutrals such as black and grey. Without a sound understanding of the qualities of colour and in particular the qualities that suit us, we shop in a random and ad hoc manner. Our wardrobes are full of stand alone items rather than clothes that effortlessly and seamlessly co-ordinate.

One of the great benefits of having a colour analysis done by a colour consultant is that you learn how to develop an integrated wardrobe of clothes. When you begin to only buy garments that are in your best colours you create a wardrobe of items that mix and match. Virtually all your tops can be worn with all your pants, skirts and jackets. Your shoes and accessories can also be worn with many garments rather than a few. This greatly expands your options and provides you with a wonderful array of possible outfits for a much smaller financial outlay.

Colour consultants can raise your self esteem.

When you are shown how flattering your best colours are for you, it’s hard not to feel good about yourself. Your best colours make your skin appear radiant, healthy and youthful. They bring out the highlights in your hair and the colour of your eyes. They make you the star rather than what you are wearing.

Colour consultants can increase your confidence levels.

You will become much more confident about shopping and dressing. The more you learn:

· how to look fabulous, easily

· how to shop, discerningly

· how to resist fads, firmly

· how to co-ordinate, effectively,

the more your self confidence will soar.

Colour consultants can open your eyes to a world of colour choices.

Many people suffer from the misconception that a Colour Analysis offers you a small range of colours and is thereby limiting and restrictive; quite the contrary. You will learn how to combine colours in different and innovative ways, only limited by your imagination with the help of a colour consultant. Your options are exciting.

Colour Consultants can educate you.

You will be shown how to work with textures, fabric surfaces, patterns and contrast levels. The choices you make with these elements are as important as colour itself.

We each have our own textural quality and contrast levels. When we understand these things about ourselves we can understand why we are drawn to certain patterns and fabrics.

With understanding comes order and organisation. Our shopping becomes systematic and sensible. Our wardrobes become functional and effective. We become masters of our own image rather than slaves of fashion trends.

Internal Consulting – A Survival Guide – Part 3

· Be clear about the difference between process consulting, doctor/client, and expert resource. Define your role, contract for it, and then live it out.

· De facto management – watch out for this. Very often an individual in a consulting role can begin to cross the line between assisting others’ process and actually stepping into a management role that belongs to the client. While clients may welcome it in the short term, it can have some disastrous results.

· Assessing without a contract is espionage. There is a delicate balance between when you assess as a consulting intervention, and when you observe as a member of the system.

· Don’t talk about your clients! Maintain appropriate confidentiality when you are moving about the organization.

· Maintain trust. One of the most damaging things an internal can do is violate trust, not just with the immediate clients, but with the larger organization. Be sensitive to what others see in you and how you are impacting the system.

· Be respectful. All in all, consulting is the business of human interaction. You can be as confrontational as you need to be, as consistently as you need, as long as you are respectful of the basic humanity of the people involved.

· Honor and understand resistance. More than ever, I have learned that resistance is a good thing and it informs you about the system. It simply means you are getting close to a value. Listen and learn from it.

Overall, the internal consultant has the opportunity to create great change from within systems.

Following the items outlined here can greatly expand the longevity of effectiveness one can expect within their organization. I have often called it “consultant half-life”, in which the consultant becomes less and less effective over time within their organization. The concepts presented here can make the difference between a short and long career.

Jeff Evans is the CEO of Envision Global Leadership. He also practices in the areas of leadership development, human systems change, and organizational capability, serving clients in a powerful capacity as learning partner and coach. He has spent the past 25 years heavily involved in supporting executives through transformational change, organizational development, and the management of organizational development and education systems. His wide experience includes work as both an internal and external consultant.

Things to Consider in Hiring Between an SEO Consultant Or an SEO Company

If you are a new online business entrepreneur, you usually do not full knowledge on what an SEO consultant or an SEO firm can do for your website. Various factors rely on specific needs and requirements of a certain business, the period on the business’ site existence and the owner’s penchants.

Below are tips to consider before opting to employ the help of an SEO consultant or an SEO company:

a. Budget – an SEO consultant may be a more rational choice for a small online business enterprise. This is because there is big chance that an SEO consultant will take on a smaller project and has the time to explain the finer points of the task.

b. Instantaneous Progress Reports – website owners who prefer to who would like instant progress reports may opt to hire an SEO company. An SEO company has under its employ who monitors the progress of each task all the time.

c. In-House or Outsourced Task – An SEO company has the resources to do in-house tasks while most SEO consultants outsource the task to smaller companies and freelancers they can rely upon to the task for them.

d. Synergy – This factor is likely to favor an SEO firm because every experts on the work can communicate and work hand-in-hand with their team members.

e. Limits of Expertise – Search engine optimization or SEO encompasses a huge field and it is quite impossible for an SEO consultant to do everything. An SEO company that can’t be able to it all either, however, it usually has the resources to give website owners more alternatives.

f. Expediency – This factor is basically dependent on the project’s size. For small business enterprises (SMEs) an SEO consultant may be a better option for this factor because he or she can furnish quicker results. On the other hand, an SEO firm is the right choice for bigger projects. But, remember, speed of completion is less significant than the performance quality of the project.

g. Personalized Attention – in most situations, an SEO consultant is able to give more personalized attention to the project, but, there are also a number of smaller SEO companies that can give extra time to a certain project.

The above tips point out that there is really no clear answer or solution as to whom or what to hire, an SEO consultant or SEO company. Your decision is dependent on the specifications of your situation and your knowledge about Internet marketing. Always bear in mind that the above tips are generalized and may either be applicable or non-applicable.

What Happens When You Overfill Your Car With Oil?

When it comes to your car, do you make sure you are always putting in the right amount of oil? Have you ever thought about what happens if you overfill a vehicle with oil? According to professionals in car service in Wellington, this is not good for your engine.

Overfilling your car with oil is a bad idea,Guest Posting and it can cause damage to the engine meaning that you will need to consult a specialist in car repair in Wellington to get the problem sorted. First of all, you need to know that there are different types of oils for various reasons. When putting in an incorrect type or amount of oil, it can actually freeze up part of your vehicle’s engine if not enough is put into the system. This will result in some expensive repairs down the road because parts of your engine might be damaged by freezing up due to this problem. It also doesn’t help matters when too much oil goes into your car either, since this creates sludge which builds up over time on important components within the vehicle such as valves and bearings. If these parts start corroding then they will wear out prematurely which means more problems and more expenses in the long run.

In addition to these problems, overfilling the car with oil will also cause some serious safety concerns. If you’re driving on the road and your car starts to sputter or stall then there is a good chance that it is due to an oil problem of some sort. While it is important that you replace oil in your car on a regular basis during a normal or European car service in Wellington or elsewhere, you need to ensure that it is not overfilled in order to keep your vehicle running smoothly for a long time.

Are red fruit liqueurs high in antioxidants?

Do you enjoy drinking red fruit liqueurs? If so, have you ever wondered whether or not they are high in antioxidants? Antioxidants are very important for the body because they help prevent cell damage. Red fruit liqueurs such as strawberry liqueur, contain a lot of antioxidants, which is great news for your health. Let’s take a look at what antioxidants are and why they are important.

Antioxidants in effect are substances that inhibit the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation is a chemical reaction with oxygen resulting in one or more free radicals,Guest Posting which are very reactive atoms and groupings of atoms that will steal an electron from another molecule to become stable. When this happens, it can damage cells within our body because healthy cells have many defenses against oxidizing agents but once they start to be overwhelmed by too much oxidative stress, then these cells begin to break down and cause problems for us such as inflammation.

Red fruit liqueurs such as strawberry or raspberry liqueur, contain antioxidants like anthocyanins (which give them their color), ellagic acid (found naturally in walnuts), catechins (from green tea), proanthocyanidin complex (a plant flavonoid found mostly in ingredients such as grape seed extract and pine bark), quercetin (found in red grapes, onions, apples etc) and cyanidins. These antioxidants are beneficial for the body because it helps protect us from cell damaging free radicals that can cause inflammation which has been linked to many diseases such as arthritis or even cancer. Besides protecting our cells from damage, these antioxidants have also been shown to help lower bad cholesterol levels while raising good ones and they may play a role in preventing type-II diabetes by helping insulin do its job of removing sugar from blood more effectively.